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    What are the methods of refining gold?

    Time: 2022-11-15 Source: Sodium Cyanide Manufacturers Writer: Dasenchemicals
    In our daily life, in fact, gold can be seen everywhere, such as mobile phones may contain trace amounts of gold, there is gold in some accessories, so how to refine gold and what method? Today, we will discuss it together with Xiaobian.

    Gold is a natural product that cannot be synthesized artificially. It can be divided into raw gold and ripe gold. After the purification of gold to achieve a very high purity of gold called pure gold, generally refers to more than 99.6% of the color of gold. Purified gold, generally high purity, some can be directly used in industrial production.

    1. How to refine gold

    Single flotation is suitable for processing coarse and medium grained natural gold ore. After crushing the ore into the ball mill, grinding fine pulp into the flotation. Amalgam flotation is suitable for the treatment of natural gold disseminated with coarse grain size, stored in pyrite and other sulfide ores. Different from single flotation, gold recovery by adding mercury plate after grinding can reach 30-45%. Conveyor belt into the tailings field; The ore sand not larger than the sieve hole is fed into the 1-3 round jigger through the public distributor, and the concentrate flows into the jigger through the 3 stages to carry on the shaker, coarse, fine and sweep separation, and produce fine sand ore. This method is often used in quicksand mines, after fine ore can also be applied.

    2, the method of refining gold amalgam gold purification method introduction

    This is actually an ancient gold purification method, as long as you have patience, you can mention the high purity, the specific method is as follows:

    Gold + mercury + water, grinding until there are no gold particles, gold and mercury form intermetallic compounds. Pulverized sulfur and amalgamated gold are ground and mixed, and heated in the air. At this time, the remaining mercury evaporates, and the base metals first form metal sulfides and later form metal oxides. The base metal oxide reacts with borax to form a substance with a low melting point that floats on the top of the liquid. Pure gold does this at the bottom to prevent poisoning by mercury vapors.

    3, the method of gold refining wet gold purification process introduction

    Wet gold purification process is the use of aqua aureus solution, and then add reducing agent to reduce gold, or such as into the masking agent complexing interference substance, and then extraction method, the original agent or extraction agent. This invention breaks through the traditional process, high temperature melting and other simple purification process, to obtain higher quality gold. Compared with the existing technology, the invention has the characteristics of high product purity, lower production cost, simple and practical process. There is another wet method to purify gold process, it is such that the crude gold is placed in a container, added to the newly prepared aqua regia to submerge the crude gold, and then heated to dissolve for 15 to 25 minutes, if the crude gold is not dissolved, you can add aqua regia to dissolve again until completely dissolved.

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