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  • Korean pharmaceutical customer MR KIM (JOEY) experimental test gold dressing agent

    Time: 2024-03-05 Source: Writer:
    For gold ore cyanidation, environmentally friendly gold dressing agent are essential.
    The main content of this article is: Customers from South Korea came to our company's laboratory to conduct gold selection agent testing experiments.
    Time of experimental test: January 23, 2024, Location: Shaanxi Province, China, Experimenter: MR PARK (Korean customer),
    Instruments and reagents required for testing:
    ①. 1 50ml beaker
    ②. 1 10ml big belly pipette
    ③. 1 basic burette
    ④. 1 plastic dropper
    ⑤. Testing agent, preparation method: add 1.7331 grams of silver nitrate and distilled water to a volume of 1000 ml in a brown volumetric flask, store in a cool place away from light
    ⑥. Chromogen, 0.02~0.05 grams of p-dimethylaminobenzylidene rhodanine (C12H12N2OS2, also known as rose red silver reagent, test silver reagent), added to 100 ml of acetone, and placed in a brown reagent bottle to protect from light)
    Purpose of the experiment: A total of five deplating experiments using five gold dressing agents with different active ingredient contents were conducted to test the chemical reaction between the gold dressing agent and the customer's electronic gold-plated parts, the gold-dissolving time, and the color and precipitate of the reaction solution. The quality of the gold dressing agent can be judged by the time it takes to dissolve gold, the color of the solution and the sediment.
    The following are actual pictures taken during customer experiments:
    Time: January 23,2024 Location Shannxi,Xi’an Experimenter: MR PARK(Korean customer)
    Text No
    First Second Third Fourth Fifth
    Stripper agent 20g(best) 0.51g(best)+1.5g(another stripper) 0.58g 1g 0.5g
    gold dressing agent 40g(Tag:G) 1g 1g(The first sample sent) 1.09g(J-1,33) 1.02g(J-2,32)
    NaOH 8g 0.2g 0.2g 0.2g 0.2g
    Water 1L 50g 50g 50g 50g
    Process Put the stripping agent, gold dressing agent, and NaOH in a large beaker, add water to the beaker, and the experimenter will stir for one minute with a stirring rod. Next, the experimenter will use tweezers to clamp the electronic gold-plated parts and let them stand in the beaker for reaction.
    Reaction time One minute, no change One minute, no change 30 seconds, gold dissolves in liquid 30 seconds, gold dissolves in liquid 16 seconds, gold dissolves in liquid
    Text description There is a layer of black sediment at the bottom of the glass beaker, and the clear water turns into a gray-black solution The solution in the beaker is turbid and the clear water turns into a brown solution The gold on the electronic gold-plated parts is completely dissolved, and the water is very clear and pale yellow. The gold on the electronic gold-plated parts dissolves in the beaker, and the clear water turns into a brown liquid. The gold on the electronic gold-plated parts dissolves in the beaker, and the clear water turns into a gray liquid
    Text results Unqualified Unqualified Qualified, best effect Qualified, but the liquid in the glass beaker was cloudy, but the customer was not satisfied
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